TMS Heating

TMS Heating designs, manufactures and installs a diverse range of heating products and heating systems.

These include:
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Drying ovens, e.g. coal and mineral sands
  • Air heating tubular element assemblies
  • Aluminium melting furnaces
  • Ladle pre-heaters
  • Induction furnace pre-heaters
  • Pottery ovens
  • Environmental sampling trains

We also undertake repairs to most heating products.

Replacement parts:
We are able to supply the following replacement parts, most of which are available ex-stock:

  • Spiral elements
  • Incolloy and stainless steel sheathed (MgO filled) elements
  • Cartridge elements
  • Strip elements
  • Silicon Carbide elements

Electrical components:
  • Temperature controllers (fixed and programmable). Brand names include TOHO, CAHO, RKC, TCL, SHINKO
  • Chart recorders
  • Solid state relays
  • Contactors