Reduction multi-function logger

RMF loggerThe TMS Reduction multi-function (RMF) logger is a:
  • compact,
  • rugged,
  • intelligent,
  • portable,
  • lightweight,
  • user-friendly,
  • high-precision,
  • plant-specific configurable

Instrument for use in any potroom, irrespective of technology applied. It allows the operator to record the following standard potroom measurements accurately and with relative ease:
  • Bath height and metal height simultaneously
  • Metal height
  • Bath height
  • Bath temperature (type K)
  • Cathode voltage drop
  • Beam stem contact
  • Anode current distribution
  • Line losses (busbar drop)
  • Multiple temperature (thermometer)
  • Multi milli-Volt (0-1000mV)

The RMF logger ensures the logging of accurate readings through the incorporation of a series of filters and algorithms. The operator is unable to validate (log) any data, unless the reading is stable (bath temperature) and/or have been filtered (mV menus). Recorded data is downloaded in a comma-delimited (CSV) file via a USB interface. 

The logger therefore eliminates erroneous readings by:
  • Eliminating operator typing errors
  • Eliminating operator interpretation errors

As a result of all the above, potroom process control is enhanced due to increased confidence in measured data.