TMS has successfully developed and patented a protection tube for use in casthouses in both the primary and secondary aluminium industry.

The proprietary aluceram inert self-sintering ceramic protection tube has the following advantages, when compared to cast-iron or syalon:
  • reduced cost
  • improved life
  • minimal metal contamination
  • safe (light weight)
  • minimal bending (good hot strength)
  • successfully used on auto-insertion devices

It is a protection sheath providing thermocouple protection through combined use of metallic and ceramic materials. Aluceram is patented worldwide.

The sacrificial outer sheath has two purposes:
  • to protect ceramic during transport
  • to provide initial protection while ceramic is sintered in process (immersion into¬† aluminium).

Life: 6-7 days achieved compared to 4 days for cast-iron.
Cost: 25% cheaper than cast-iron.
Metal Purity: Totally dissolvable Fe only 25% of that of cast-iron (@ 50cm immersion depth).
Safety: Less risk of injury related to lifting thermocouple into position (weight 25% of cast-iron tube).

Aluceram is available in 21mm (1/2") and 27mm (3/4") diameters and virtually any length. It has successfully been applied as protection tubes for:
  • launder(spout) thermocouples,
  • tundish thermocouples,
  • furnace bath thermocouples,
  • auto insertion device thermocouples,
  • furnace roof thermocouples